Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Time I Went To See Kendrick Lamar by Me

There are times in life when things just fall into place. Tuesday February 26th was one of those days....or nights...or times.

I had my 'Kendrick Lamar' AHA moment when I heard his verse on the song "Fuckin' Problems"-granted I ignored when my friend MBot told me I NEEDED to know about this guy because I was too busy downloading PussyCat Dolls and Childish Gambino songs (I am a believer in there is music for every moment and mood).  That verse made me raise my eyebrows and then I consumed ALL his music
In this time of Young Money and ratchet-ness,  Kendrick Lamar is a breath of fresh air

Naturally, I have become a person who doesn't do live shows- mostly because I hate people, crowds and unless Amy Winehouse comes back from the then she may be a zombie which would make for an interesting show.
I did want to see KLamar live though, of course the show was sold out. THEN they opened up 2 more shows including one at 6PM.  The 'Golden Girl' in me was elated, as were my friends MBot and NJ Doom.  The thought of not being out till 1am in a crowd of youth...and then getting up the next day for just made me feel grown yet cool, you know?

Then I got on a LONG ASS LINE that went alllll the way around the block from the venue.  A line filled with...youth.  Listen, I am young and like Prince I believe we need youth around us to keep us current...but mostly they are useless and all think they are entertainers or something.  Or they are dudes and want to hit on me but their balls haven't fully descended so they stare.  Stare and stand too close.
Thankfully MBot n' NJ Doom joined me on the line and were able to share in not being...youth.  We were surrounded though.  They were nice enough and helped us fight against line cutters.
They also taught us new lame terms like: swaggy.

Because we are no longer youth, there was rushing to get closer to the stage, we rushed to the bar to start drinking.  Then we found a perch in the back-close to the exits which is always important to me- where we could see everything and everyone.
Besides the show, we mostly saw underage girls dressed like 90's prostitutes, thugs from Long Island, hipsters-a-dancing, other elders who seemed lost and creepers/cruisers.  I think the creepers/cruisers were on that 'molly' which enhanced their unsocial behavior.
I was just happy to have room to DANCE, and dance I did...along with rap-a-long.  I even did hand motions.  It was a great time.  KLamar was great!  His energy and flow were on point and he kept the audience engaged!
...there was that one moment when he was hitting on a chick in the audience and he found that she wasn't so responsive so he said if she didn't like him, she could fuck his friend.
It was more disrespectful than offering a lady options.

I had a feeling KLamar wouldn't need to worry about that chick though because during a visit to the ladies room I overheard this chick inquiring about how to get backstage.  She was asking the bathroom attendant which led me to believe she was new to this game of ho.
One thing was for certain, I was going to have meat in my mouth-not Kendrick's, we were all going to Shake Shack after the show because 'Golden Girls' roll to shows early and get to have custard, burgers and cheese fries after!  It was so great seeing a show, having dinner and getting home with enough time to read before going to sleep.  Living that granny pannies lifestyle is what's up, eff what ya heard!

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