Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Good Things I Have Put In My Mouth Lately: Devilish Bites

As we know I am a nerd and part of a book club.  When we meet to discuss, we try to find a place that correlates with the book.  We read The Alienist by Caleb Carr (highly recommended), the story takes place in New York City in the 1880's- now Delmonico's figures prominently in the book, but that place is like 1,000 bucks a plate!
Bitches be broke.
We wound up at Freeman's Restaurant (Lower East Side) which the building seems pretty old, and Freeman's Alley is way old, so...
Though it is a hipster haven/cool peeps hangout/ celeb spot- I enjoyed decor and MORE IMPORTANTLY the food!

The one thing that stuck out in my mind because I've always wanted to try and FINALLY did, was 'devils on horseback'!! (see below)

Sorry the pic doesn't do them justice, but I suggest going there and trying them AND then  worrying about some pics!
Devils On Horseback are prunes stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped in bacon.  It's like a sweet, sweet (fantasy) & savory candy.  You just pop them in your mouth and enjoy the textures...and tastes....

If I was given a box of these instead of chocolates, I would be ELATED.

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