Monday, November 25, 2013

Foibles & Fuckery

Some fuckshit is abound!
First, a couple of weekends ago I found myself watching the dreadful J-Lo film The Backup Plan (on cable).  It wasn't that I intended to watch the film; it was another moment when the remote was out of my reach.  So there I am watching this movie about a 40 year old woman who gets artificially inseminated with some strangers twins BUT as fate would have it she meets the man of her dreams who she really wants to drop the seed in her.  The unfortunate dude aka dreamboat aka Alex O'Loughlin became another reason I didn't turn from this HORRIBLE movie.
Eventually though, I DID turn from the movie because I was just so ANGRY about the plot and J-Lo's acting makes me seethe!
Some ultimate fuckshit, but Mr. O'Laughlin can get it many times and then a few times more.

Then I hear J-Lo was part of some tribute to Celia Cruz on the American Music Awards?!!  Did they just scan MTV Mundo to find Latin acts??  HOW DARE they spit upon Celia's legacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Along with that travesty I hear Miley sang with kittens, GaGa and Kells are continuing to perform awfully and awkwardly together- like they make me squint and make me VERY uncomfortable.  Kinda like whenever Miley is onstage and I can ALMOST see her labia!
Then...THEN Rihanna decided to show up in a 'doobie'?!  Like for real?!  We all know I appreciate her 'I don't give a fuck' personality-but COME ON!  Here you are winning an ICON award (for what?) when you barely have a talent, basically the bitch just looks really good.  We all know and accept this.  So how you gonna roll into this award show WITH YOUR MOMS presenting you with an award with your hair NOT EVEN DONE?
What part of the game is this?
Now every mediocre trick that thinks she's Rihanna is gonna think that 'doobie' look is the way to go. Ugh.  Next up CURLERS or soda cans (Dominicans).  Ugh. I am getting all worked up like I actually watched the awards, like I gave a fuck. HAHAHHAHAHAHAH there is irony in this...

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