Saturday, November 2, 2013

You Don't Know My Life: Fucked!!

So far this season of The Walking Dead has reinforced my new theory on taking myself out in the beginning of a zombie apocalypse.  By taking myself out, I mean I would totally kill myself.  There is no way I would or would want to survive.
Between the running for your life, treacherous people, the filth AND the smells...and I haven't even mentioned ZOMBIES!  That is enough for me to be like...nah.
Then you can get a cold and DIE- I am not surprised you have peeps dying from the flu on the show.  All them peeps-including KIDS, in closed quarters.  Just a recipe for death.
So yeah...I am not about that survival life.
I AM about Rick finally coming out of the emo fog he was in and getting back to basics.  Punching things and people, and shooting things and people.
Activia aka Carol is about that problem solving life.  I like that she has grown cajones-and just takes care of bi' almost makes it OKAY for her to bone Daryllll aka Poncho Realness, but now that I have seen the chemistry between Michonne and Poncho Realness, I want them together.  Sure she and Rick would be cool too, but Michonne would break him again because Rick is only 1 cheating whore wife away from seeing ghosts and farming again.
With all this death and sickness...and someone luring the zombies to the jail- characters are starting to buck the fuck up and stop writing poetry and singing around camp fires!  Where last years theme was about who's worse: people or zombies?  This years theme is: are we fighting to live or just surviving?- Like Maggie trying to get preggers with Glenn's baby!  What kind of bullshit is that?!  Times are different bitch..and it is all about surviving!  Life as you know it will be VERY different, now go out there and kill some zombies!
THANK HAY-SUS Tyrese was able to sample the brief love of a White woman- the empowering love it seems.  A love that has shaken all the bitch out of him and made him stop whimpering about like some moody hippy- I am not about this killing anything life.  Really dude?  You see what's been going on?  Then his beloved White woman gets burned to death (thanks Activia, bitch had to go because she was sick and coughing er'where) and Tyrese is now just axing through shittons of zombies! YEAH!

Seems to be a slow build up (this season), getting all our characters in line for something BIG.  Have a feeling it's about to be on.  Though if they kill Glenn off with this flu I'm not going to be happy with the rest of this season...also if Daryll doesn't spread out his luscious poncho in an abandoned cell and show Michonne that he can shoot more than his arrow...then imma be real upset with this season.

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