Friday, November 22, 2013

Over It

Oh man, the month is almost over and I have written only ONE blog entry.  No bueno.
You know how life goes in cycles with its ups and downs...very little in betweens.  Needless to say, I have been doing a lot of reflecting and maintenance of my mental game.
I am no longer at the job I was at before- which wasn't an issue as I knew it would come to an end as most shitty things to.  So I went through the whole 'looking for a job' thing WHILE thinking about what would've been my dad's 60th birthday which led me to thinking about why most of my family sucks which then led me to thinking about my mortality and legacy.
Just a lot.
Time in the deep has led me to realizing that I am REALLY not an online dater and my friends are just fantastic people.  My immediate family has taught me the strength of riding out the rough patches as well.  #DaRuffStuff
 I have also learned that I am just so excellent at Candy Crush- it's the little things.

As of right now, I am better and working and just ready for 2014 to bring on the good stuff- can you even BELIEVE this year is just about over.  The holidays are here-including my fave THANKSGIVING!!  Though the city is almost poetic during the holidays.  There's a hopefulness in the air.

In random news, I was in a Nook commercial.  Do what you will with it.  Touch yourself, kill yourself or bask in my GLORIOUSNESS.

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