Tuesday, December 3, 2013

You Don't Know My Life: So Many Questions

*Sorry for the delay but with the holiday and just a lot on my mind lately*

Oh Scandal, you intense bitch!
Where to begin...there is just too too much!
FIRST, let's start with everyone's fave- #MamaPope.  Now, I had a feeling she was alive through 'Livs interrogation of Fitz-well she just kept repeating that question about him shooting down a plane...but mostly I was noticing her hair (Olivia's).  I haven't been feeling it too tough lately- her clothes are always perfection- but the hair is 'meh'.
Then we find out #MamaPope has been kept in this prison-type situation for over 20 years and of course Master of Everything (Evil) aka Eli Pope (Olivia's dad) has everything to do with it.  Just have so many questions-

1. Why?
2. No really, why are we locking moms away...and now 20 years later she's all 'I needs to see my daughter'?
3. Was she drugged?  If so, who kept with her hair appointments?  Or is that a wig?
4. Like why does anything evil have to do with either Cyrus or Eli Pope??!!

...and then, and then WHY is Quinn so fuckin' stupid? Like what did Olivia see in her to make her a 'gladiator'??  I am besides myself with happiness that Huck is going to drill her up/torture her!  Huck has had NO TIME for her and I am with him- I would totally hang with Huck and his weird ass because he keeps it simple AND loyal.  There is no room for the BS because he is just trying to cope and not kill bitches.  I respect that.
I am also supposed to respect Mellie because of the whole her dad-in-law raping her and impregnating her, and yes it gave me insight to her insanity, but I still love the whole Olivia/Fitz thing...even  if Fitz makes me want to punch him repeatedly at times.  Then he does something manly and I am like 'ohhhhh Fitz'.  The actress that plays Mellie-Bellamy Young I believe- really is magnificent though because sometimes I am so Team Mellie....but that doesn't mean I want her with Fitz. Ha!

The whole Cyrus and Mellie thing makes me giddy.  They are perfectly evil and everything bites them in the ass which is satisfying- like Cy's hubby boning Sally Langston's hubby out of SPITE was fantastic and deserved!  Old Cy had the nerve to CRY.
Can't wait to see his back story too!

There has just been so much.  So much intensity, yet things are tying together...I am gonna need Noel (Jake) to go somewhere.  He means well, but he needs to get a life or something.  Also, having Harrison sleep with Phoebe's (whatever the female candidate name is) daughter/sister was just giving him the 'tip' of a story line.  Just throwing him a bone...literally.  It was highly unnecessary AND insulting. Bleah.
Am gearing up for the 2 part winter finale which I am going to need therapy for- but then I think about Fitz building that house for 'Liv...and boning her DOWN in the house he built and it makes me feel warm inside.  Makes me feel like everything is going to be okay...BUT IT'S NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh...

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