Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brrrr Bitch Brrrrrr

Here I sit sipping an Oprah chai latte- HOT- because I have had a chill in my bones since this morning.  You see on this day before May, it is COLD.  COLD AND WET.  WET AND COLD.  I have refrained from blogging about the Polar Vortex we were/have been in because what else can be said?  Also, it made me depressed.
Now we are here in Spring where I am used to just looking like a teary eyed coke head #allergies but at least it was WARM (er).  Now I look like a coke head with a jaw click because I AM SHIVERING because I AM COLD!
The fuck is going on??!!! Who did we piss off???  Why am I trying to pair Spring-like colors with a bubble coat??  (except that one is AWESOME and I would wear it all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#VersaceVersaceVersace)

I mean my soul feels like most of its questions have been answered now because of this Oprah chai latte but mostly I feel defeated.
I just don't understand this and I want it to STOP.  Cease. Halt.  End Now.

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