Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Times I Went To See About Last Night, Non-Stop and Two Movies In Francofest

I love how it always takes me so long to review things that it looks like I stays in the movies.  Tis not the case...until the summer because of all the AC.

I went to see About Last Night....

I wanted to see this, but just didn't know when it would happen.  Then I was supposed to journey to Williamsburg (which we know is not the move for me) but the trains were not running their normal shitty, they were EXTRA shitty.  That was when it was decided that a lil laughter n' romance were needed.
The movie is real cute!  It is a remake- which I never saw- and done quite well.  The most shocking thing was how UNATTRACTED to Michael Ealy I have become.  I used to SWOON for that high yella stallion- but now he seems to be all teeth and eyes.  I dunno.
I give this movie three titty shimmies and one bankhead bounce.

Next up is Non-Stop...

My friend Ruddy and I wanted to see this because- Liam Neeson!  Julianne Moore and Lupita Nyong'o are in it as well.  There is also some chick from Downton Abbey- which I don't watch so I gave zero fucks about her.
I am so here for Liam Neeson action films- he makes you believe he can do all the impossible shit he does in the film simply because it's Liam.  He's got the brogue and that 'I don't take no shit' demeanor- listen if I was any where near Liam Neeson I would feel safe.
Though it had its unbelievable moments, it was entertaining.  An EPIC plane ride, so epic, I won't be flying for a WHILE. (thanks Non-Stop and flight 370)
I give this movie two Ciara crotch grinds and two Magic Mike crotch swirls.

And lastly I caught two movies in Francofest....

If you guess Francofest had anything to do with James Franco then you would be CORRECT!  The all around artistic fuck had directed a few movies and decided to have a festival!  I saw two films (all I would be able to stomach anyways) a doc about Brad Renfro and Idaho.  The documentary I was into and the Idaho film I could've sat in a dark room alone with a stuffed teddy bear and been aight.
Mostly, I went to Francofest because m'girl Nicole invited me and also because I thought that because James was speaking after the screening that he would eventually pull out his penis.  That of course didn't happen, so I felt empty and dissatisfied.
I give this a Miley Cyrus twerk and stubbing your toe on your coffee table hop.

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