Friday, April 11, 2014

The Place Where I Work: FIGHT, FIGHT!

I work a long day and require a snack.  Since I am trying to maintain my fitness and bangability (not like the larger me wasn't gettin' it either, but the smaller me is more flexible and looks better in a fishnet catsuit), yet require something sweet & creamy most times, I get a smoothie.
So I go to my smoothie spot where everyone knows my name.  Sometimes The MexiCan and I go down there to chat and stare creepily at Magnolia as we walk by it.  We leer really.
There we are staring at the kale, various fruits and ginseng-trying to tell ourselves 'it's all worth it'.  Suddenly the guy making the smoothies and the guy behind the register start having words.  Just as I was comprehending that, the dude behind the register started taking shirts off and was offering to go outside.
Y'all know there is fresh squeezed carrot juice around...and CUSTOMERS.
This doesn't stop them from throwing fruits, juices, tip jars, etc. at each other.  I stood frozen because things were happening so quick.  The MexiCan had to pull me out of harms way...JUST AS the smoothie making dude pulled out a butcher knife and went after the now barely shirted register guy.
To this day (this happened on Tuesday), I don't know what happened or how NOTHING hit my head.

I didn't wind up getting a smoothie that day.  
I did learn that I can freeze up, usually in those kind of situations I know to get the EFF OUT- any born n' raised New Yorker knows how to avoid a 'pop off', but I think I was in my chill smoothie mode and just couldn't comprehend any type of violence ruining that moment.

In other news, things are still intense with The Vamp.  I happened to be out by reception as he was leaving on Monday and he totally ignored the receptionist and stared at me like I was a neck pumping full of blood.  He said a very intense ' good night' and I couldn't walk straight for an hour.  I can't even bring myself to draw post-its because it WAS THAT INTENSE.

I need a nap.

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