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Hard Heat: A Chronicles of Cashmere Series- Calliente Winds

1- What Is Owed

                If every time D'Angelo Santos would slide from under a car to be greeted by Jacobi's long shapely legs, he would do it more often.  A smile grew on his face- something that occurred more often as of late- as he stood to his full 6'3" height.  She held a brown paper bag out to him and a smile so big her one dimple showed, not being able to help himself, D'Angelo grabbed her waist and pulled her close to kiss her.  A kiss he wished could lead to other things, but with Kevin around along with a few clients, it probably wouldn't be good for business.  Ever since Jacobi moved to Vermont-for him- she would occasionally stop by the shop with lunch for him and scone for Kevin.  It was the highlight of their day

He opens the bag, "What's for lunch today, mi amor?"

"It is turkey with bacon on wheat with a herb goat cheese spread, arugula, mustard and a little pepper.  Just a little something I whipped up."  She leans on a car that is waiting to be worked on.  Jacobi was slowly becoming a culinary genius.  Between looking for a job and tying up loose ends with her former life in New York, she watched a lot of Food Network.  She grew to like the immediate results with cooking, much unlike the never ending questions that her life was becoming.  She wasn't complaining though.  She was in a beautiful little town, living in a beautiful little house with the love of her life.

"You are spoiling me...and fattening me up."  He bites into the sandwich and moans with pleasure.  He offers her a bite, she takes it and claps a little.  He sits on a nearby bench and pulls Jacobi onto his lap, they proceed to eat his sandwich like this.  Moments like these were almost too cheesy for Jacobi, but she blamed the country air and her need to wear moccasins all the time.  It was all about comfort and passion.
Their lunch eating was interrupted by Kevin clearing his throat, when they both turn to him, Jacobi see's that Gibson is standing behind him with a look on his face that felt like a punch to her gut.

"Mr. James is here to pick up his Camry but wanted to go over a few things with you, D'Angelo."  Even Kevin could tell this would be worth grabbing his scone and watching how this all played out.  He knew a woman as beautiful as Jacobi wouldn't come without some type of drama.  She is worth it though because he didn't like D'Angelo until she came back into his life.  He feels good about coming to work and actually being able to have a conversation with him, D'Angelo even has a wicked sense humor he never knew about.
Kevin sighs and returns to the front area of the shop.

D'Angelo watches as Jacobi stands, but doesn't leave his side.  He stands next to her and tries his best not to be affectionate, he wouldn't be disrespectful to Gibson who's face he'd seen many times in the mirror when Jacobi left him.

"So...this is who you left me for- the mechanic? Wow."  The venom in Gibson's voice was unfamiliar to Jacobi.  He was always the kindest person- until she went stomped on his heart.  Gibson is clenching and unclenching his jaw considering if he can actually take D'Angelo who was massive and almost seemed to expect a punch at some point.

"'s not like that, I've known D'Angelo for a long time-" She is interrupted by Gibson burst of laughter.  It was a harsh sound.

"His name is fucking D'Angelo?!  This just gets better..."

"Listen, why don't I let you talk to him about your car and I can wait outside for you if you have any thing else to say to me."  She starts to exit which brings her closer to Gibson, he moves in front of her to stop her.  D'Angelo watches intently, he wouldn't hurt Gibson- anymore- but if he touched Jacobi he would gently pull him out of the garage.

"No, I don't need to say anything to him.  Suddenly I don't care about that car...but unfortunately, I still care about you.  I came here to ask around about you-and lucky me I found with him," He gives D'Angelo a disgusted look, then Gibson squares his shoulders, "I am not giving up without a fight.  I don't know what nostalgia she is holding on to, but we were fine and in love until she...she ran into you."

"Gibson, let's go talk- I know this cafe-"

"No.  You need to come with me to New York, there is still some paperwork with the apartment.  We can talk then-D'Angelo you trust her to be away from you a couple of days don't you?"  He smirks.  Jacobi had never seen this hardened side to Gibson and it saddened her that she had something to do with it.

"I trust her to go where she needs to go and be where she wants to be."  D'Angelo walks to the front of the garage to find Kevin, and Gibson's car keys.  Jacobi watches him and wished they could go back to being in their bubble...where people's feelings didn't have to be considered.

"Wow, he's deep.  I see why you're so into him." Gibson moves closer to Jacobi and takes her hand, she lets him have it.

"Gibson, I can meet with you in New York-"

"You are driving with me to New York in that car your boyfriend fixed.  We can talk all you want then."

"But Gib-"

"You owe me that much.  We'll leave tomorrow.  I'll pick you up from here."  He leans closer as if wanting to kiss her cheek but decides against it.  Gibson lifts the hand he is holding and kisses it, "I miss you."  For a moment his eyes went from hurt and anger, to a pleading softness. He leaves the garage.

Jacobi goes to sit on the bench and put her head in her hands.  She didn't know which would be harder- a long car ride with Gibson or explaining to D'Angelo why she had to do this.  Her love for Gibson was never what it is for D'Angelo, but she cared about him and felt she did owe him a final 'talk it out'.  Then again, how do you tell someone who loves you all the reasons you love someone else?
Suddenly large warm hands were on her shoulders.

"Mi amor..."  He whispers in her ear and kisses her neck.

"I have to go with him...tomorrow."  She stands to turn and hug him, "I will come back to you.  I love you."

2- Distractions

                "No."  D'Angelo enunciated it with a firm chop on his cutting board.  He and Jacobi were making dinner when she decided to inform him about how she would be driving down to New York with Gibson.

"But it will give us a chance to really talk and for me to explain everything."  She hands him another pepper and absentmindedly kisses his broad shoulder.  D'Angelo loved cooking with Jacobi because it always resulted in great food and random kisses.

"Explain to him how much you're in love with me while he's driving a car.  No escape.  What if he let's you out in the middle of nowhere?"

"He wouldn't do that."  At least the Gibson she knew wouldn't do that.

"I think it wouldn't end well if you went on a road trip with your ex  that you just dumped."  D'Angelo didn't state his fear that it could work to Gibson's advantage-being enclosed with Jacobi.  He didn't want to envision them pulling over to the side of the road to kiss or to...
He shakes his head.  He trusted Jacobi, but not a man who said he wasn't giving up without a fight.  Jacobi hugs him from behind, rubbing her hands on his stomach.  She kisses in between his shoulder blades.

"This is what Gibson needs and I owe him that much."

"It is what you need too?"  He turns around, still keeping Jacobi's arms around him.

"Maybe... I don't want any bad  karma to mess with us.  We've already wasted enough time."  They kiss which grows into D'Angelo placing his knife back on his cutting board and using hands to caress Jacobi's back and perfect ass.  He held her against him to show her how much he was enjoying her 'distraction by kisses'.  She begins kissing his neck and moves down to his chest, she looks him in the eyes as her hands grip his hips and she kisses from his chest to his stomach.  She slides his pajama pants down and takes hold of him with both hands, her lips make their way to his tip and she makes slow circles with her tongue.  D'Angelo grips the counter he is leaning on, his breath coming out in spurts.  He had to admit she was very good at distracting him.


Later in well rumpled bed, D'Angelo caressed Jacobi's back as she lay on her stomach with her head facing him.  He laid on his side facing her, and they just looked at each other for a while, until D'Angelo spoke.

"You do what you need to do, but I think it's a bad idea you riding in a car with him."

"I understand, but I think it's best.  I haven't been fair to him in all this, so I can do this for him."  She turns to lay on her back.  Jacobi looks at the ceiling and tries to maintain her seemed strength when really she just wanted to stay in Vermont with D'Angelo and continue building this life.  It was freeing being without the hassle and constraints of caring how others viewed you or living by someone elses standards.  She had never been so happy in her life making her man sandwiches and reinventing who this happy Jacobi is.

D'Angelo moves on top of her, she wraps her legs around his waist, "I love you because you are a fair, beautiful spirit...but if he causes you any harm I will kill him."  He slides into her warmth, his eyes never leaving hers.

"You are so romantic."  Jacobi breathlessly kisses him.

3-  Broken

                "Poetic Justice" by Kendrick Lamar filled the silence in the car.  Gibson and Jacobi barely greeted each other, they just sipped their iced coffee's while he drove and she stared out at the open road ahead.  Every time she turned to start to say something, he would grip the steering wheel tighter.  She had never seen him this tense.  Gibson was always laid back and easy to smile.

"We left at a good time, no traffic."  Jacobi finally says.  She decided to just stare straight ahead and go for it.


"Listen Gibson, this seems pointless but I am sorry for what happened.  I care about you-"

"So why did you leave me?"

"Because I was with D'Angelo before I met you for a long while and left him because I was trying to be someone I wasn't-"  She is interrupted by his harsh laughter.

"You just make a habit of leaving people.  So you weren't yourself with me?"  He takes a moment to look at her.  He didn't want to because her face was like an anchor to him.  It wasn't just beautiful, but it made him feel at home.  Jacobi was comfort, she was love...she was everything to him.  He looks away to save himself.

"I wasn't totally myself.  I thought I wanted things that are truly not what I want- I just..."

"I am safe.  I am the good job, good home and two point five kids.  Boring."

"No, you are wonderful...and yes you made me feel safe, but I hid parts of myself from you because I was afraid of them or that you wouldn't be into them.  Some things also can't be helped...and D'Angelo is the love of my life-"

"Stop..."  He says weakly.  He slumps down in his seat, but a few moments later he sits up straighter, a resolve comes over him.  Gibson looks at Jacobi, her beautiful eyes moist with tears are on him, "You have broken me, Jacobi."
He then turns off the road  into a wooded area, speeding up every time Jacobi screamed for him to stop.  He finally does...when they hit a tree.  Jacobi is flung from the car because she had taken off her seat belt trying to grab the steering wheel from him.
Gibson doesn't know how much time has passed, he just feels unfortunate because he is conscious and able to open his eyes.  He feels unfortunate because he is still alive and doesn't see Jacobi, just the hole her body made as it went through his windshield.
He screams.

The End...for now.  We will catch up with Harlow and Christaphor in Don't Let Go next week!

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