Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hater's Lament.

Tell me what there isn't to hate- I mean there are things, but not enough.  How can I not be eager to jump around and pop a titty when people worship the Kardashian's ...and when Black people are gunned down like it's okay.  Promising teenagers snuffed out because carrying a firearm is fine as long as you are not Black.  Because these teens LOOK like they are up to no good just because their melanin is glorious and dark.  These people.  These human beings.  Meaningless lives since the sands of time when their only meaning was for the economic growth of this country and countless others.
So tell me why I can't hate and side eye the fuck out of everything and everyone?  Why when my brother- a person without a criminal background- could be out and mistakenly find himself around cops and be taken out without a second thought.  I could be minding my business being an aloof hater and be put in a choke hold because maybe I accidentally bumped into a police officer.  Or any person carrying a firearm who feels they are Standing Their Ground can kill Black person just cuz.
Don't gimme shit about being a hater, allow me to see for the world for what it is (through my own eyes) and try to make my way through it...non-perkily.

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