Thursday, January 15, 2015


What best describes me are not words (like: glorious, tantalizing, effortless, etc.), there would be far too many.
 I like summarizing things and the best way (well one of) to summarize myself is when I stick my hand in my bag while looking elsewhere, feel something furry, jump (heart attack styles with a gasp), look in bag and see/remember my hat has a furry pom pom on it.
Just unnecessary comedy.
It could also play into my rodent fear, but that is neither here nor there...
I had a deep thought while riding the train not sober one night: wonder if people ever think about their 'summaries'?
Do people consider the instance or instances that others would use to describe them.  Mine would mostly be comedic with a whole lotta shade- because I am not good with hiding my reactions to fuckery.
I often wonder when people are being jerks/asshats/shit turds or just plain unreal with their selfishness- do they know this is going into their summary?  Perhaps not the one in their head, but it's in someones.  So on that cold, cold day when you look around and you're surrounded by douchebags/fuckers/the worst, it may be because someone 'summarized' ya and was like: meh.
I seem to be doing okay because I am surrounded good, funny, shade-y mutha fuckers!

Note to self: stop drinking a lot and having thoughts.

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