Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hole In My Heart

I feel lost.  I feel emotionally stunted.  A tad sad too.
You see I had a routine.  If I found myself walking by the Dough (doughnuts) in the city and the cutey I call 'Darnell'- as in Darnell the character on the amazing show Girlfriends; the second Darnell though- if 'Darnell' was there, then I went in to have a doughnut.  It was a way to be economical, and not gain a shitton of weight.
'Darnell' glowed!  His aura on golden, smile on fleek (yeah I used that term)!  He laughed at my jokes.  I felt he could sense that I was slowly building myself up to awkwardly mentioning how I taste like a doughnut or how he should feed me doughnuts in BED or I'd like him to tell my vagina  a bedtime story.
I was slowly building to any one of those things...but 'DARNELL' HAS DISAPPEARED!
Sure this means I have not had a Dough doughnut in a long while which is great for the upcoming summertime looks of 'RiRi' and 'Amber Rose'- BUT this means I haven't seen 'Darnell'.  Please don't let my slow build be too slow and he has moved on to other holes...or bakeries.
PLEASE don't let me be too late!  I will cry like Usher in the rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will cry and I will slow grind the rain drops!

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