Thursday, March 5, 2015

You Don't Know My Life: Answers, I Need Them

Scandal and The Walking Dead are BACK!
This means I am back to coordinating all plans around these two shows- I don't think that means I am loser, I think it shows I am loyal and need ME time.
If you are not caught up with both shows STOP READING because intermixed with my bullshit ranting, there will be SPOILERS.

Let's start with Scandal- oh where to begin.
So they done kidnapped Olivia...well the Vice President kidnapped her to start a war and control the President aka Fuckin' Fitz.  The whole kidnapping of Olivia brings out the best n' worst in everybody.

- the worst in Fuckin' Fitz because he showed what an asshole baby he is. NO VAGINA IS WORTH IT.

- the best in Mellie.  Mellie Mels showed that she is ride or die..FOR HERSELF!  she made it clear she was helping Fuckin Fitz get his 'Liv so that she can one day be president, plus she was boning the VP who straight played her for Ellen's wife!

-the worst in Cy...I think Cy is proving that he too is in love with Fitz because he is standing by allowing him to make fucked up decisions.

-the best in Huck.  I LOVE ME A CRAY CRAY HUCK!!  when he gets all googly eyed and torching backs...LOVE IT!

-the best in Abbie.  she straight proved that Olivia doesn't need Fuckin' Fitz, Papa Pope, Noel (Jake)- just her GLADIATORS!  when I saw Stephen from season 1, I got giddy!

-the best in Olivia.  I am kinda sick of the vast array of white men she has available to save her and bang her.  I thought DC was 'Chocolate City'?!  in any case, I am glad she told Fuckin Fitz to FUCK OFF and hopefully she can get back on her grind with a sexy Samoan dude or something.

So Olivia is back from being held by a couple disgruntled Apple employees and she is still on her 'fuck all these mens' steez.  We'll see how long this lasts.  As long as I NEVER have to see Huck n' Quinn bone again, I am GOOD.

SPEAKING of bones, let's discuss The Walking Dead!  Let's discuss how I forever wanna bone Rick and how they steady killin' bitches!- first Beth and then Tyrese!
Listen, I wasn't sad to see either of the hoes go.  Beth with her folk singing and Tyrese with his crying Negro slam poetry steez.  NO THANK YOU!
Now the gang has made their way to another community and of course they are wary.  I mean they have proven they are a family who can survive together.  They have been through ALL of the shit so you can't tell them nothing.  Rick is all like- if these fuckers fuck up, we'll kill them and take their community!
Damn right you will, boo!
I am loving how everyone is still an individual, but they are so tight and cohesive.  Everyone is coping and helping the group in their own way- like Carol aka Activia trying to infiltrate and Daryl being Daryl, just ready to fuck shit up if and when.
I am not sure if this place will be cool, but I am loving how Team Ricktatorship is bonding and making it happen.  Also, imma really need for Rick and Michonne to make a slow, soul penetrating love!  They have showers and beds...he can treat her real nice.  IF THAT WENCH who cut his hair tries to make ANY sort of move on Rick imma be pissed till someone cuts her deep or a zombie eats her. this whole W nonsense.  What does it mean?  Wolves?  Walkers?  We Dead?
I dunno.
Also, where is Morgan??!!!  I think the season is ending at the end of March-UGH!  Hopefully these questions will be answered.  I need answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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