Wednesday, March 25, 2015

You Don't Know My Life: Woah

With warmer weather on the horizon (HOPEFULLY), one knows that TV seasons are coming to end and one hopes that their Netflix addiction will cease!
It won't.
Orange Is The New Black is starting up again ANNNNND I have to finish all the Gossip Girl seasons, Parks & Recs seasons, Boondocks seasons and then re-watch The Walking Dead seasons!!  I am also re-watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt ALREADY (love that show, Tituss is basically me at times without hair).
I hope I am able to maintain some sort of social life.  Here's to hoping!  The way the world is though...highly doubt it.  Netflix doesn't piss me off.  Netflix doesn't say stupid shit. Netflix is perfect...
Where was I?  So yeah, we are getting closer to season finale's with both Scandal and The Walking Dead.  We also have characters on both shows who need to CALM THE FUCK DOWN!

Let's start with Rick from TWD.  I love Rick. I have stated how I want to bone Rick.  Rick is awesome!  Now that he is in Alexandria though, he is in dickmode.  By dickmode I mean now that things are seemingly calm- though peeps be dying- Rick is allowing his dick to lead him into breaking up marriages and NOT to Michonne!  I wanted my 'Park Slope/Fort Greene interracial love' thing to happen.  But nooooooooooooo, Rick fell for the first woman who touched him that he didn't know!  A woman who has an abusive husband who Rick feels needs some dying.  I am fine with that, but I just don't care.
I do care about how Noah aka Chris died!!! AHHHHHH!  Poor Glen- though you know who else needed some dying, that Nicholas dude!  What a punk bitch!  OH and the sweaty ass priest- he needs to go too!  If that bitch isn't crying, he is sweating...or trying to sell out Rick and the gang.  Fuck that dude.  They saved his life and dealt with his crying/sweating issues and he goes to DEANNA n' basically says Rick is the devil!
Carol and Glen are proving to be my favorite characters.  Both their evolution's have made them kick ass and people I would want to apocalypse with!
I hope this season ender does not involve either of them dying.  I can't take any more traumatic deaths!!!  UNLESS it's the priest and Nicholas.

Now on Scandal, Huck needs to calm down.  I live for a crazy-eyed Huck.  When he burned Ellen's wife's back, I was all for it.  Then he just slit Lena Dunham neck like he was flicking lint off his jeans and I thought: the fuck Huck?!
This was big for many reasons because I really didn't mind Lena's throat getting slit, just that I knew it symbolized his character is taking a turn for the worst.  Totally get that Huck wants his fam back, but dude...calm down.  Take it down several notches and let's all figure out if Liv is gonna start sexin' only black men to get back to WINNING!  Her hair and gear are still winning...but Liv has been a loser for a season or so.
The biggest LOSERS are really Fitz and Noel though.  They sit around sipping scotch and gossiping about Liv- or Fitz is keeping tabs on that vag.  They both need to get over it.  DC is 'chocolate city', there's enough of it for er'body!

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