Thursday, January 24, 2013

Good Things I Have Put In My Mouth Lately: Brisket Mac & Cheese

I think the lil Asian genes I have come out in my love of eating food out of bowls.  Anytime I can layer flavors in a bowl-I am just too happy.  Giddy, even.
Recently, a few friends and I took in a Nets game in the new Barclays Center (Brooklyn, NY).  I give negative zero fucks about the Nets (Knicks fan ALL DAY), but I love a good social outing...and there was a cheerleader dancing on stilts, which made me happy for some reason.
THEN I saw all the food at Barclays and got REALLY happy.  They have all New York/Brooklyn 'bred' spots, which I think is cool.  More importantly, these are places I enjoy eating at like: Cafe Habana, Spumoni Gardens, Fatty 'Cue, etc.

Surprisingly, I went in with NO GAME PLAN.  Just balls to the wind eating.  This turned into: I am hungry and I will beast on something/someone....
We stumbled upon Fatty 'Cue.  Then my lovely brown eyes fell upon 'brisket mac n' cheese'.  SOLD.  Brisket, a favorite meat of mine AND macaroni n' cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You had a bitch at HELLO!  It came in a bowl with the brisket layered all on top so every bite insured that you were getting brisket and mac.  Mac and brisket.
It was delicious. A perfect hearty winter treat.
I don't suggest getting on stilts afterwards though.

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