Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Place Where I Work: Typical.

The usual.

With Telemundo (remember he's married), so of course I am like: oh whatevs.  Not because any of my work "situations" ( and LIFE situations) work out- but because marriage/girlfriends/being a completely useless dick doesn't appeal to me.  Unless they are celebs.
Anywho, now that I give no fucks, Telemundo and I are buddies.  We chat.  He brings me snacks to try.  I make him giggle.  It's real cute.

As for Tatts - he is showing a genuine interest in me, and what do I start to do? My usual thing of being seemingly disinterested so he is left...confused.
At least I can aknowledge my issues and decide to do something.  Or nothing.  It's cold out.  I can't think straight.

What brought about Tatts 'smitten-ness' besides my charm and cheekbones?  My jerk abilities n' sense of humor- I'm going to throw in my ass too.  He has mentioned while speaking that he didn't realize how cool n' funny I was. 
I was like: boo, FINALLY.  I'm awesome.
Then one day I am walking and happen to be wearing an ass flattering pair of pants- I hear this whistle/grunt thing that got stifled by a cough and turn to find Tatts who finds it hard to make eye contact with me.
Since then, he gets kind of googly eyed  - this is cute, but my natural instincts of fuckery kick in and I am all like....this. :(

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