Friday, June 28, 2013

The Place Where I Work: The Thing About Being Right....

Man, when I get notions- watch out!  Maybe it is just a high dose of perception or psychic abilities but I know things!
So this new dude started last week.  He feels extra cozy with me for some reason- I did arrange his interview like 2 months ago and went through the process with him so there is that.
Now one would believe he is taken by my elegant sexiness and awesome vibes, and therefore wants to get up in my sugar walls...I could sense that wasn't the case though.  Dude is White, which is relevant because this instant comfort with me was off putting at first.  When I say 'chummy', I do mean friend-like, but mostly I mean there is a respect.  He doesn't treat me like I am here to serve him (which I am not) or that I am not on his level (he is a supervisor, but not mine).  It is very rare for a White male to be I see he treats everyone like this.  With me though, he is like my bestie.  Well in his eyes, because we know me, I am no ones bestie (especially at work)!
The conclusion I come to about the New Guy is that he is married to a Black woman.  I could sense it.  He doesn't wear dashiki's  or try 'urban speak', but I 'smell what he was cookin''.  I know he has been trying to find a way to let me know because: Hey, my wife is Black! is not the way to go.
So the other day we are chatting he was able to throw in a pic of his family....which included his wife who is *drumroll* BLACK.
I showed no emotion and was just like: you have a beautiful family!  Didn't know if he expected me to say: oh snap! you divin' deep in some chocolate box.
That wouldn't be appropriate.

In other news, I am back on thee ole online dating roller coaster so expect some posts of pain, loss and butt clenching turmoil.  Imma give it the 'college try' and in a month or so I will delete my account and be angry and talk about all the cats I'm going to have! 

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