Monday, June 3, 2013

You Don't Know My Life: The Killing Season 2 Premiere

I'll admit that I THINK I know what's going on with this season of The Killing, but I really don't.  I was just so taken aback last night by my love for Detective Holder and how visually stunning the show is!  Muted and dark...pretty much the shows theme.
Since I am no dunce, I can gather that the case will involve a serial murderer/rapist of prostitutes...mainly children...runaways specifically.  They (possibly) have the wrong guy in prison, Peter Sarsgaard aka the creepiest dude EVER.  His character is complex because he may be innocent but he is still guilty...OR he isn't innocent and just has help on the outside.
It all circles back to Linden because she has had this pic of trees drawn by the creepy possible murderers son on her fridge.  Now Linden is no longer a cop.  She is working a ferry or something, I don't know, but she is banging this young dude and just being plain CRAZY.  Oh Linden.  Love your face, love your crazy.  Then when she and Holder get's like old times.  Except now he wears suit- and looks SO FINE!  Have I really really broken down how much I LOVE this character.  He is...just...the blueprint for all White men for my White Boy Summer.
*le sigh*
Anyways, Holder involves Linden who will now drag her pony tailed, sweater wearing ass out of her personal facade of happiness and back into doing what she loves...being a detective! She loves not giving a fuck about her son, or lovers or anything else that isn't case related.
Speaking of fucking, I have also gathered that Linden has banged a few of her past partners EXCEPT Holder.  Hmmmmmm.
SPEAKING of banging and Holder- who the hell is this wench that is supposedly his girlfriend???? Why wasn't my agent called? ( I don't have one)  I would try to incorporate so many conversations in bed.  Him shirtless and telling me about his case.  Then we would sip on almond milk and talk about our future.  Then more sex scenes.  Would definitely add a lil something to the show...I'm just saying.

I am SO glad this show wasn't canceled AND I get to settle in like I am reading the best book every week!

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