Monday, August 19, 2013

You Don't Know My Life: The Killing Finale aka Battle of the Balding

** Am finally catching up on some blogging- you know when life ish catches you then slaps you in the face with a dick?  That happened, so now I have to dust myself off and continue on.**

My jaw was CLENCHED! So tight, I just about gave myself a headache.
The Killing tried to PLAY me.  Tried.  They made it look like it was Mitchum Huntsberger (see past blogs about the The Killing to understand who I am talking about), but about halfway through the first ep, I was like: IT'S THE OTHER BALDING DUDE, THE CAPTAIN!
Then the show used a writing technique a lazy writer like myself uses to just FINISH.  It's what I imagine Linden's sex life is like- just hurry up and end this so I can go back to staring off and being awkward...and not feel ANYTHING including your penis.
The writer's just seemed to wanna tie everything up in a not so neat bow and have us really believe this balding captain really killed all these girls.
Okay,  maybe it wasn't so hard to believe- I mean he had creepy factors and it made sense that he had an affair with sweater wearing, aloof ass Linden.  She doesn't scream PASSIONATE to me...but you can definitely distract her with the dick if she were working on a case where you killed someone and didn't wanna get caught.  Dick distraction works for mostly everyone- including Linden.  I thought she was stronger than that...but alas she is not.
So this balding captain does his dick distraction on Linden, covers up 20 years of murders AND THEN gives his daughter the ring of some random dead girl proving he is the killer to Linden?!  I am supposed to just go along with this? ....was it just so Linden could prove she was 'human' by making the mistake of giving the 'nani to a killer?  Then she had to DEAL with it...and the way Linden DEALS with things is by shooting them.  Even when m'boo Holder is like: noooooooooooo stop,yo!
She continues to pull the trigger and kills the balding captain- which is what he wanted her to do anyways.

Ugh.  So you can see I was not into this ending...yet I didn't hate it and cannot wait for next season to see how Holder and Linden get out of this one!  If they somehow make Holder distract Linden with his dick, I will STOP WATCHING.  I promise.

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