Thursday, August 1, 2013

Good Things I Have Put In My Mouth Lately: The Fried Dough WIth A Hole

I can really give or take a doughnut.  If there are some around or I smell them-I'll eat them, but if they're not around I don't really think about them.
I did make a special trip to the Doughnut Plant that one time but whatevs...
Recently though, I have had 2 doughnuts in my mouth that have blown my mind.  They both curled my toes and made my loins tremble with delight.

The General (Soho, NYC) is a hot spot in NYC.  The Chef/owner is Top Chef champ Hung who I remember wanting to eat his food while watching the show-which now I have and it is DELISH.  I don't believe he is the pastry chef though so I don't even know why I am bringing him up...
In any case try the green tea doughnut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It comes with all-spice ice cream and a honey drizzle.  There is a green tea cream in the middle of this fried confection- it could be made with semen and the dreams of all contestants on The X Factor- I don't care WHAT it is, it is DELICIOUS!!!

                                          This makes me wanna roll around on a waterbed!

The next doughnut that is worth a trek is Do or Dine's (BedStuy, Brooklyn)!  I mean I went there for the food...and to explore BedStuy pre-dusk because I don't feel dark enough or pioneering White enough to roam that area just yet.
I've heard about this doughnut so it's been on my radar...I mean a  foie gras with jelly doughnut?!  My word.  That sounds like a womans dream- salty AND sweet inside of FRIED DOUGH????
Then I tried it.  I felt all types of sensations all over my body.  It was PERFECK as m'boo Ru says.

                                                            I will always choose you!

I shared one with my friend at dinner...and then my greedy ass had to get one to bring to the movie we went to see.  The waiter didn't think it would travel well, but he doesn't know about my relationship with food.  Food never lets me down...okay sometimes, but I knew this doughnut would be OKAY!
I was right.  There I was watching Ryan Gosling and eating this doughnut.  Needless to say I needed a cigarette afterwards...and the theater may have needed new seats....OHHHHHH.
....the only thing was, all that luxury of fried amazingness led to me having some EPIC dreams.  Movie styled colorful nightmares really.  I just remember that I was Bain (Batman:Dark Knight Rises)- I sounded like Tom Hardy n' everything ...but we all know it didn't end well.
Perhaps next time I stick to one doughnut and no Ryan Gosling, that was just too much for my womanhood.

From a person who doesn't roll hard with doughnuts-just food in general- EAT THESE THINGS AND IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!

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