Friday, September 27, 2013


My friend MBotDrizzle is into Crossfit.  Of course I have made fun of it, but like most of my friends, she pays me no never mind and does her thing.  She loves what it is doing for her...even if it is a cult of insane work-out Nazis.  Okay, Nazis is HARSH...more like FANATICS.
The hater in me just doesn't sit well with a group of people wanting to look and feel great...and only hang out with  each other...and only do that paleo diet crap...and I hear there is a sock thing they do?...Whatevs, something about it just isn't right...BUT I am not about shittin' on MBotDrizzle's or anyone elses parade.  I can only do me.
....and in DOIN' ME I have come up with a program I like to call BossFit (copyright pending).  Being a person who understands the need for staying in shape and eating clean- though eating clean to me may mean eating off clean plates and in clean clothes- so let's say eating HEALTHY.
There are no diets you need to do or socks you need to wear, BossFit is about doin' you...LIKE A BOSS (that Black baby is NOT me, racist)!!

Here are some benefits and highlites of BossFit:

  • BossFit can be done any time and any where.  It can be done alone or with your fellow like-minded bosses.
  • You can wear whatever you want, just be comfortable...and don't look like an asshole.
  • The main part to BossFit is movement as well...but it's the type of moves I like to make.  Let's say I am standing around watching TV or just staring at a window, I start doing some arm circles.  I might throw punches in the air, air smack a bitch (as there is no bitch standing there), or just do this .
  • For a good lower body workout BossFit utilizes twerking.  Workin' them glutes, quads AND calfs.
  • Since most BOSSES ain't got time for a lot of things, I like to duttywine whilst doing my hair and makeup!  Imagine getting an all over body workout while you get yourself ready for the world...much like a BOSS.
  • BossFit is about doing you!  Doing you well!  You want to eat a cheeseburger- EAT IT...just maybe don't have fries AND then a milkshake...but if you do that, then have quinoa or a kale salad for lunch.  Just be more balanced and don't drink diet soda.  Live your life!

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