Friday, September 13, 2013

The Place Where I Work: The Door

Oh things are just going swell at work.
I say this with sarcasm....yet with a smile.  Things will never be perfect until I wake up comfortable financially and am just able to write (like a boss).  Perhaps I could even write better.
Anyways, today being Friday therefore another exclamation point at the end of a LONG ass week- I did not want to go into work.  I just wanted to sleep.  Then wake up and stroll about.  Scowl at a few usual....
Since I am a responsible adult (at times), I went into work and as I neared the entrance to my office I see a small crowd gathered in front.  The small group includes the two department heads I work for, DesignDude, the office manager and a project manager.  Each one trying to swipe in using our newly installed card swiping system that should be OFF during normal office hours...but as I predicted, it wouldn't work and this would happen (the door being locked from the outside, SECUUUURity)...and then I could turn around and go home.  I would've went home if my two big bosses weren't there trying to swipe in-I actually started walking backwards with DesignDude but people saw us.  Then through the glass I could see someone who could see us, so I asked...

Me: Is the door locked from the inside too?

Someone says no.  They all take turns continually swiping and not getting in.

Me: dude going to open the door for us?

That's when people look at him to get him to open the door.  I mean this whole time they all had been looking at each other knowing the door could be opened from the inside...yet it wasn't.  People started laughing...namely DesignDude.

Me: If this is how the day is starting...I just need to go back home.

DesignDude: Yeah...we should go have breakfast and blow this joint.

Me: Yes!  They won't notice  if we slip away....

While the door is still NOT BEING OPENED FROM THE INSIDE because dude that can open it is on the phone just looking at us.
The project manager chick who has been laughing at my reactions the whole time is like: you are not going have made my day!
The stroke of the ego kept me from elbowing her to the throat!  I mean, DesignDude and I could've had a nice breakfast- where he discloses his love for me and I just chuckle and steal his bacon- and then eventually come back to the office WHENEVER THE DOOR WAS OPENED.
FINALLY homeboy on the inside gets the bright idea to open the door and let us in.  No one says anything cuz he's older...well everyone except me...

Me: Thanks man!  You really didn't have to...

This got a couple more chuckles.  I even cracked a smile till I realized I was walking into a full office and NOT ONE person could open the door???!!!
I cannot.

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