Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Thing About Robin Thicke...

There is this pic going around with Robin Thicke fingering some tricks ass and a story is trickling out about how he  made out with the chick and used the pick-up line 'I like the fact that you're so young'...
Now, when this all came out I was like: I can totally see he and Paula Patton having an open marriage- whatever the fuck that is.
Open marriage because I don't see Robin cheating on Paula, I think they have an understanding.  Not just cuz she's hot either...

She is, but they have known each other/been together for so long (since high school) and I think they would totally have some agreement about the other vagina's and penis's for them to play with.  Like Will n' Jada, I think they swing too.  #Hollyweird
I just don't understand an open marriage though...

I mean, 'open marriages' and 'open relationships' make no kinda sense to me.  People have TRIED to explain them and I just look at them and continue wondering if any of my freckles (on my face) are cancerous. 
I just don't wanna be with one person but fuck other people?  Why not just date?  Why get married?  Je ne comprende pas.  *le sigh*
In any case, I can totally see Robin Thicke and Paula Patton having this kind of arrangement simply because...they are famous n' shit.  Also, Thicke writes a lot of rape-y songs- example A.  I remember dancing to that Jordan Knight song in college and thinking: holding you down in my bed? WTF?!...but then I kept gyrating/ air sexing the air/dancing because I enjoyed the song.  Anytime Jordan Knight can wear a cream colored cable knit turtleneck and STILL make me moist....
Where was I?
Oh yes, so 'open marriage' aside, I just think Robin Thicke is a jackass and am done with him.  Not his music, but him and his entire entity.  I hate sleaze.  Hate it.
Have your open situation, but respect it.  Like there should be no Instagram photos of you fingering some trifling skanks have a KID for goodness sake.
Look at me being all wholesome n' shit...
But seriously, you're raising a lil boy who will be like: fuck all da ho's.
 Just another disrespectful dude to add to the bunch.  Think about the children, folks, for they are our future!!

Another thought is that if it was Paula being so sloppy with the dick, Robin's next album would be all Coldplay remixes for he would be HEARTBROKEN.  His ego shattered.  His pants would be a little looser.  He would take his shades off (for once) showing his eyes clouded with emotions.

So yeah, I find Robin Thicke to be mad sleazy and I am turned off by him.  I no longer want to engage in any type of sexual activity with him- which wouldn't happen any way because I may look young...but I am not.  Plus if he's fuckin' straight TRASH, then my temple of womanly libations would be of no interest to him.

Robin Thicke may you choke on several used condoms and be roofied and then' man handled' by 18 gay lions. 

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