Monday, September 23, 2013

The Lone Lesbian vs. The Human Race

A lady who lives in my building who happens to be a lesbian was having a tough go at life last night.  When I say a tough go at life, I mean that she was drunk.  Drunk on a Sunday and hanging out- okay, pacing in front of the building. 
Since I am not as cold hearted as I like to seem, I made sure to look her in the eye and smile.  Sometimes just a lil something helps- believe me!  There have been moments when I have been walking about going through some mental torment and someone walking by will just smile at me...and I tell ya...this thug almost gets teary eyed.

Anyways, she just broke up with her girlfriend on her birthday.  She made reservations at this restaurant she always wanted to go to and her girlfriend was all like: meh, I'd rather not.
So she canceled the reservations and said she would make dinner and invite people over....
The girlfriend never.shows.up.  It was the day of the LoneLesbian's birthday too.
LoneLesbian then asked: what is WRONG with the human race?  why is everyone so damn selfish....
I felt her pain because I wonder about this a lot of the time- when I am not thinking about eating or my fall look.
I could offer little solace as I didn't have ALL night to go into why people suck. So I suggested that she not give up as not EVERYONE sucks, but dating in New York is the worst, so perhaps she should move out of state.  I said I have considered moving away...but then I realized that most of my love woes have to do with me being reclusive and so very awesome.
The LoneLesbian is feeling it now because her birthday was last week, but with time she'll heal and move on as it is what human beings do.  We lick our wounds and note the scars for the next dumbass that tries to break us down.

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