Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This Dream I Had The Other Night...

I had an amazing sound sleep on Sunday night- I think my last for the week with the way last night went- where I had an EPIC dream where I loved a man who turned into a bat...
He was literally a man who slowly turned into a bat and people were mean to him and beating him up.
This doesn't really look like dude in my dream, but it has his eyes. Weird.

I woke up wondering what it was all about until I got to work and realized. Man bat....BATMAN!  It was my first dream about my office boo I call Bruce as in Bruce Wayne as in Batman!  Ahhhhh.....then things went DOWN HILL.
My office boo is no longer my Bruce...my Batman...because he has poor taste.  Poor,poor taste.  Basically he has been flirting with this chick I cannot STAND.  You know me, it's not some dumb female jealousy thing, it's a 'she's just a lousy person' thing.  You can't be feeling me AND her, it just doesn't compute.  It's like saying no to a bottle of Veuve Cleuqot and preferring that someone just spit into your mouth.
One is simply better than the other.  Me.
So office boo is DEAD to me and now I can concentrate on males outside of the office (bleak) and my bloggin' (yay).
I can also prepare for The Walking Dead returning to me.  #DontLookBack

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