Tuesday, January 28, 2014

....When I Went To See 47 Ronin

This is what happens when you SLACK on updating your blog.  You forget things.

SO when I went to see 47 Ronin I thought J Cole was sitting next to me with his mom. This is funny for many reasons...

  1. His 'mom' was White and I was like 'I didn't know J Cole was biracial.'
  2. The reason I probably didn't know J Cole was biracial is because I give next to no fucks about him.
  3. I mean, I have like one of his songs on my iPod, but he is a mere blip on my radar.
  4. When I thought he was sitting next to me...and kept looking at me like we maybe knew each other, I felt myself blush.
  5. This is when I realized I have 'Amber Rose' tendencies and may be thirsty for that rapper dick.
I thought I was sitting next to J Cole through most of the movie previews and right as I was about to text my friend Margo (who wants to KNOW J Cole) and Mo (who KNOWS J Cole), I realized I was NOT sitting next to J Cole.  I was sitting next to some really young French dude who went to see 47 Ronin with his mom...or lovah.  
The theater was really dark.  I am sticking to that story.

The End.

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