Tuesday, June 14, 2011

As The Dating World STOPS Turning

I think it has almost been a year since I signed onto an online dating site-mostly because my friends were like: you're this amazing woman you should share this with an amazing guy.
What they really meant was: you're a miserable beacth and we are sick of you and would like you to burden someone else with your nonsensical ramblings.

So, I signed onto OKCupid because it was free. It was like the saying goes: you get what you pay for.
Tons of freaks and non-appealing geeks. Dudes who wanted me to take their virginity and Black dudes who only date White girls but feel they could date me but think that I only date White dudes and proceeded to send me emails asking if I dated Black dudes- repeatedly.
There were a few Asians and Latino's. Mostly there were dudes who emailed me wondering WHY I was on there. I was told I was too cute to be on there-so obviously I must have bigger issues.
Um, DUH, bitch. DUH!!!

In any case, I had ENOUGH and decided to delete my account and let the cocks fall where they may.

Wish me luck and many cats!!


  1. Don't worry, my friends gave me the same nudge and when I went to online dating it's the same cenario....I've deleted my profile more times than I can count lol.

  2. hahahahah yeah, it's tough. it doesn't help that i don't like many people- or that it is getting tougher for me to like anyone. we shall see...