Sunday, June 26, 2011

Where F*ck I Been...

(If you can spend days and hours watching all the Ocean's 12 series (like me), then you'd know where the title came from)

No, this won't be an elaborate blog about my world travels, unless world travel involves taking the train around New York City and working.
I was just living life and celebrating my birthday...for like days-which included lots of eating, drinking, scavenger hunting and eating. Good times.
Luckily, being an asshole hasn't caused me to lack in knowing amazing people who find my brand of asshole refreshing...AND while lost in Queens this dude stopped in front of me and said 'I'd marry her'. He then nodded to his friend and kept it moving.
Also, I still have no use for Queens.
The one good thing about being LOST there was figuring out how it works. The avenues, the streets, the friggin' hyphenated numbers. Okay, I should say I get how Astoria works, but like most places outside of Brooklyn and can be paved over and made into a gigantic Walmart. The Bronx, a Target. Long Island, a Popeyes.

More importantly, I've been dealing with The Killing's season finale. That shit left me feeling empty, cold and frustrated. It also made me feel stupid. Really stupid. Like, here I was thinking it was the Black dude, then the crazy dude with the slutty moms, then the future mayor, then the future mayor's boo, then the future mayor. Just when I was ready to deal with missing the show and that delicious Det. Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnamen), they decide to make me doubt m'boo and make me doubt the mayor even doing it! WTF! I just feel a certain way...
I'll get over it though because TrueBlood is BACK! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! My friend Jesse is having a premiere party. Am trying decide on an outfit and if I can accomplish Lafayette's eyeshadow capabilities.
Tough times.

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