Sunday, June 5, 2011

Listen To The Voices (sometimes).

The other night- a little after midnight- I was walking home. When it's late and I don't feel the need to take a cab, I take the longer more 'active' route. Active meaning more people and possibly less chances of rape, robbery, decapitation, skin coat maker run-ins, guys wearing latex gloves, etc.
As usual, I was wearing my headphones, but I was also carrying a shopping bag AND because I am a native New Yorker...also from BROOKLYN, I took into account everyone around me. Mostly people waiting for the bus.
I walked by them listening to Michael Jackson' 'Smooth Criminal'-then something made me stop going over that video's awesome choreography. My 'Brooklyn eyes' were tingling. I checked my peripheral. There was just one dude behind me, a dude who was previously waiting for the bus going in the opposite direction. I started thinking about my walking route and how there are parts where I could be grabbed and people would mistake my screams as playful post club foreplay.
My gut was saying 'no, no, no, no go take a cab.' Dude was keeping his distance, but still the only person behind me. I stop, turn on my heels and head back towards the cabs lined up in front of the train station.
once inside the cab, my gut sighed and that feeling that something was up went away.
Just to make sure that I am not THAT paranoid I checked to see where dude was and he had crossed the street an circled back to the bus stop. Woah.

Who knows what was up with that, all I knew was it was best for me to not walk home and just take a cab. You have to listen to that voice in your head, your gut, etc. that alerts you when shit just isn't right.

The reason for the Ugly Betty pic- I sometimes look like her AND when I typed in 'ominous night' this came up. I don't get it either but I'll work with it!

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