Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good Things I Have Put In My Mouth Lately- Randazzo's

A few years ago I decided it was summer and I wanted to see my friends but I didn't wanna get on the damn train to the city. It was HOT. Where I live in Brooklyn is always cooler and less grimey, so I started Sheepshead Bay Day.
A day filled with showing the many delights of my hood. Mostly eating and shopping. I give half assed history lessons about the Bay, but mostly I keep peeps moving to their next meal which ='s my next meal.
There are certain traditions that we follow- those lucky enough to be invited to Sheepshead Bay Day- see you have to be okay with lots of walking, eating and just sitting on benches and staring at the beach. Also, shopping.
You have to be okay with not doing much of anything with a purpose. Just chilling.
You have to be down with sun, fun and fried foods. Seems like easy criteria, but not really.
Anways, the first eating experience is always Randazzo's (Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn). I call it our snack.

Randazzo's is pretty historical and pretty delicious. It's homey and not pretentious...and the food is DELISH! The waitress's look like your aunties...if you happen to be Italian.

There's 3 dimensional mirrored decor...

My snack included a chunky lobster bisque. It was creamy and filled with chunks of lobster and potato...perhaps it was a lobster chowder?? In any case, if someone said that I had to stop eating the bisque long enough to hear something important they had to tell me. I would continue eating that bisque, lick the spoon, sip my drink and gently dab the corners of my mouth before settling in to listen to this important thing. That is significant because I am a curious bitch and am barely able to contain myself when people have something important to tell me. Like I need to know because I always think it's going to be: Tina Knowles is your mother.
I prepare to scream and scream, then slowly sew in a weave and then stand wide legged while singing in an uncontrollable vibrato.

Where was I?

...for the table I ordered fried zucchini and calamari. Which I annoyingly kept saying the Brooklyn Italian way: calamar...sounds like calamard...just no pronouncing of the 'i' at the end. I said this several times further proving my asshole capabilities AND my need to show that I know some shit.
In any case, that ish was damn TASTY!!! I think I eloquently said: if you pretty much deep fry anything, including dick, it's going in my mouth.
That folks, is why you trust my food critiques because my taste level is so high....and you know if I'd put it on a dick, then it's a must your mouth.

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