Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Place Where I Work:...And That's How It's Done

This will be a profound tale of GOOD vs. EVIL!

We know I haven't been writing about work simply because it became my job! Like with temping there was a new adventure EVERYDAY, at the's dry vagina's ALL the time.
The doc I work for specializes in helping men and women feel great, youthful, helping with weight, some psychology shit...but mostly it's about women trying to keep their vaginas moist.
Sure it's more than that but this is me and how I condense things down to the meat n' potatoes.
Anywho, this not about DRY VAGINAS this is about GOOD Vs. EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember Ruddy Kors? He was the WORST. He couldn't write a sentence even if it was written on a dick and mostly used his computer to search gay dating sites and porn. He slept at work- we have this couch and he would use it to nap during the day.
This was all when the doc wasn't around. When she was, he play pretended like he did shit. Mostly sitting on the phone or taking credit for work someone else did. To make himself look better he would then take credit AND THEN throw that person under the bus by lying on them.
Imagine going to work everyday with this person and feeling like you can't say anything because you don't want to run screaming into the doc you respects office: FUCK! FUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKK ! HATE HIM!!!!!! AHHHHH!!
That wouldn't get you too far. Might even get you fired.
You begin to dread work. Dread so much you need a mental health day which really means you want to kill someone in your office and need to send out some resumes.

Suddenly though. Things fall into place. Timing is really EVERYTHING. The doc began seeing things for herself and then one by one we soldiers of GOOD sat with her and explained just how horrible Ruddy Kors is.
After asking us WHY we waited so long to let her know, she thought on it and a day later she terminated Ruddy Kors.
Like the end. Good bye. Peace bitch!

In all my years of working in office environments, EVIL has always won. Always. To see Good win, was like nothing I have ever seen or felt.
My entire being feels different.

I feel like a new woman and like dreams can come true! I feel brand new. I feel like myself again...this means the best bitch you know is BACK!

Act accordingly.

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