Sunday, April 29, 2012

As The (Online) Dating World Turns: Again.

Okay, before you go and call me a fickle, cray cray beatch- let me explain myself.
A week or so ago I went to a friends surprise birthday brunch where there was another surprise- a psychic.  Though I am not all into these types of things, I do find them interesting.
A curiosity always gets me.  Not that I feel they will tell me something true and don't read my facial cues or read into questions I ask.
Then there's consistency.
So, I of course chat with the psychic who tells me that I am in rut-which was true.  I didn't even ask her anything, I just sat down.  She then mentioned me needing to buck the fuck up and pull myself out of this funk- which wasn't her wording but it is something I can do.
She said I tend to be aloof and keep people at a distance and am slowly becoming a a spectator of my own life.  WOW.
I was stunned and stung by the truth.  My whole reclusive thing is not good for me or  the 1 marriage and 2 kids I am supposed to have.  What?
She was the second psychic to tell me that.  I'll believe it when lil Idris Jr. is getting pushed out of my tender loin caves.

Now, I didn't sign back on to online dating because I feel this will get me married and working on them kids. That would be cray cray.
I am back on because I have been a recluse and just bleah socially, so it is a way for me to get out there a little and try not to become the angry women living with 15 cats who tries to feed the neighborhood children poisoned foods.

Alright I have said this before, I know.  It is 2012 though and it is time to be about shit!....and by shit I mean the shitty dudes I am bound to meet on the internet.


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