Monday, April 9, 2012

Good Things I Have Put In My Mouth Lately: Thai Grilled Beef Salad

Once in a while I am a Lady Who Lunches. All leisurely-like, carefree, lunching. I tend to wear flats and have glorious hair- mostly because I've slept in a lil and am not rushing to work. A Lady Who Lunches usually does this during the week while everyone else is working.
Well one Friday I met up with my friend Marci and took her for a Lady Who Lunches birthday lunch at Kittichai (60 Thompson Hotel,Soho, New York).
The lunch scene at Kittichai is VERY Ladies Who Lunch and Really Rich Peeps Discussing How They Are Going To Buy Buildings n Shit Lunch- a very serene and classy scene.
A mixologist comes over to take our cocktail orders- it was in the afternoon. Then we decided on an appetizer and entree. I told Marci to go wild because she is my friend and I love her....and it's what Ladies Who Lunch a subtle way.

We chose a grilled beef with long bean salad aka one of the finest things I have put into my mouth lately!
It was a perfect blend of warm and cool...crisp...refreshing...a hint of spice- just flavorful. I could literally eat that salad all day or every other day. This could be the summer look for help with my summer look of straight bikini tops and denim pannie shorts!

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