Monday, April 30, 2012

The Killing So Far: I Really Really Love Holder

Okay, I am going to be real honest and say I don't know what the FUCK is going on with The Killing so far. I just know I was okay with the Mayor being the killer...then I was okay with him not being the killer...and now I am just scared.
There are all these secrets and Stan is not Rosie's father...and Midge ran away to have sleepovers with a Rosie stand-in- OH and that awkward kiss with Stan and Midge's sister! That was almost too too much- but then there's Holder.  He always keeps me coming back.

I mean I was worried when Holder got back on the wagon and listlessly boned that chick in his car, but now he is back on it-and by it I don't mean meth, I mean on being awesome at life.
Back to making wise crackin' remarks ...and making sushi.
On a Tuesday night he unwinds by listening to a lil  E-40 and making homemade sushi.  In his hoodie.
Okay, I made up the E-40 part, but I seriously love this man.  LOVE.

As for how the show is going- I am not giving it the side eye as much as I am giving that amused smirk Holder gave that kid that asked him this question: do you know you're White?

This better be good The Killing.


  1. Ha! He actually said "Anyone ever tell you you're white" and that was an awesome line! There was one other hilarious line that Holder said, but I forget.
    I agree though, they dont know what to do with the show, the writers are lost.

  2. Yeah, and we owe it to ourselves to stick with it, but damn...I am so so confused. Thank hay-sus for Holder!