Monday, April 2, 2012

The New Layout!-Have You Checked It??

I mean it's kinda hard to miss- my animated self laying on a tiger-Nigress (the name I have already chosen for the pet tiger I will eventually get)- with her: bitch please face.
My friend Maria Danalakis drew this and truly captured all that is me...and what I could possibly be if I had cute pin-up feet and wore timbs. I don't wear Timberland boots in 'real life' because with a size 10 foot I fear it would come off a tad butch.

To say I love my pic is an understatement, it truly excites me and I may stop being a schlub and start writing more blog entries!

...and hey, if you ever need a lil afternoon pick-me-up/put down, check me out on Twitter: @ChronOfCashmere

Live it up, bitches!

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