Monday, September 17, 2012

As The (Online) Dating World Turns: So, I was in a relationship...

Yep.  There I was, unbeknownst to myself or anybody else, in a relationship!  Full of romance, crazy and slightly insane.  Also, short lived.

It all began about a month ago when I was exchanging emails with this guy.  He seemed to have great taste- he thought I was fantastic.  I found his ability to write complete sentences appealing. He asks for my digits so we can go out, which is made even more exciting by the fact that we live in the same area.
He has my number and the texting begins.  Now, I am trying to live in 'modern' (aka asshole) times and concede that someone texting to ask you out is 'okay'.
I still prefer calling.

Dude continues texting me.  He comes up with plans with no set time- so I am expected to wait until he is available.
I don't have time for that shit.  Call it whatever you want, but if you ask someone out and make a plan, follow-through.  It's real simple.
I also don't wait around well...I mean for friends n' fam, but dudes I don't know or care about, not so much.

I stop responding to the dudes text- he was all like: we'll hang out soon, blah blah.  I lost interest so I continued with my lack of response.
Then finally because I am (trying to be) a better person, I text dude something along the lines of: hey, we haven't met up and it's not going to happen. time to move on, good luck with your journey.
It was real nice-and I am not being sarcastic.  Just wanted the guy to stop texting me.

He doesn't stop texting.  He says I am being a 'typical Gemini' all impatient.  He still wants to meet me and says he didn't try to meet to soon because he was afraid that would scare me off.  I let him know that when you don't know someone and want to get to know them that entails spending time with them.  Why else would we exchange numbers.
He agrees and says let's meet that day.
I let him know I have plans for the rest of my life and it is all good.  All good may be my nice way of saying 'fuck off'. Who knows?  (hahhahaha)
He says I should stop being upset and just go out with him.
I let him know that I do not care enough to be upset, and that he should move on.
He continues to text me.  I stop responding.

It starts out with a daily asking me out- he's back to making plans.  I don't respond.
He then goes to every other day, just checking up on me.  I don't respond.
He then waits a week and texts something about how I am spoiled lil Gemini (aww someone into astrology as much as I am) who didn't get my way and NOW I don't get to meet him anymore and my life will suck.
I don't know if he has met me in 2012, but been there and done that buddy.  Me and suck are old friends from way back.
I still don't respond.

Then I stop hearing from him and I think I am HOME FREE!  While I am out drinking margaritas one night he texts the simple sentence: i hate u
My friend Ru let's me know this dude had a WHOLE relationship with me- that I didn't know about- and now it is OVER.  That shit blew my mind!  Here I thought dude was just crazy.  I mean he is crazy, but he also caught some feelings without even meeting me!
This proves how awesome I am.  More importantly, I finally think it's over between us.  Ru says that hate is always the final step so I should be good.
I think I'll mourn this relationship with some ass shaking tonight.

Needless to say I have signed off the online dating site.  Back to meeting crazy dudes on the train.

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