Sunday, September 23, 2012

Good Things I Have Put In My Mouth Lately: Bacon Jam and Smokey Cheese

I love to think I have tasted most of the deliscious things the world has to offer, but then I put something in my mouth and realize: bah! there is so much more to taste!!
This is how I felt when  I bit into the 'bash burger' at Burger &Barrel (New York, NY).

The menu said something about cheese, pickles and bacon jam.  'Bacon jam' made the greedy bitch within perk up, but I had nothing to compare it to.  I mean, it could go either way...but there was bacon involved so it couldn't be all that bad.
Let me tell you something, when I bit into that burger I saw kittens dancing in tutu's to the new Nas album.  It was so good I moaned and shimmied and did not stop to talk until I finished that first burger half.  I didn't even touch the french fries!!
Something with that bacon jam that mixes with the melted cheese and the crisp cool slices of pickle that made my toes curl!
If I ever murder someone and get the death penalty, I am considering this burger as part of my last meal.

I have mentioned before that I am in a grub club.  We are eating our way around the city one ethnicity at a time.  It has been a learning experience.  Sometimes a truly delicious experience- like when you stumble upon a Serbian spot called Kafana (New York, NY).  A club member suggests ordering  smokey meats and cheeses on a panini.  You are down with this simple because you heard: meats and cheeses.

This comes:
I side eye it and then try it.  Again, I moaned and decided that ANYTHING involving smoking anything with meats n' cheeses will be the most delicious thing EVER!  I would eat this for breakfast/lunch/dinner everyday and be a glorious 4,000lbs!!!


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