Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Place Where I Work: A Problem!

Work is cool, my biggest problem is the hunger in my loins I feel for Telenovela, but other than that it is all cool.
Okay, it's not like my loin hankerings don't make for awesome entertainment, it's just becoming a PROBLEM.  
Breakdown of problem:

-Telenovela comes to the office around 4PM.  Starting this past Monday I started getting REALLY hungry around 3:45PM.  I am attributing my hunger to Telenovela...and also any/all weight gain because I need to put SOMETHING in my mouth.  I was doing well with yogurt...but then I NEEDED M&M Peanuts- hence NUTS. Ugh.
-When Telenovela is frustrated about something or someone, he tends to growl.  To some this would seem cray cray, but with the voice he has and the good looks, it makes me moist.  Plus he has a demeanor of bubbling he is 5 seconds from punching the shit out of someone.
It turns me on.
-I recently had a dream about me and Telenovela.  Three guesses as to what we were doing.......
-With visions of the dream in my head I have to have conversations with this dude.  I am ALREADY kinda awkward when I am attracted, imagine me with nude visions of the dude dancing in my head!!!! It's almost too too much.

So when Telenovela comes around me, I get real weird. His green eyes twinkle with wonder.  It's either that or amusement.

I need to go for a long walk after work....which should help with the snacking weight gain!

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