Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good Things I Have Put In My Mouth Lately- Doughnuts and Chicken

There are days and then there ARE DAYS. This was one of those in between days...where things were fine, but I was feeling mad emo, yo. Was just filled with all these feelings...and though I pride myself on not being an emotional eater- I JUST LIKE EATING- eating delectable freshly made doughnuts did help with the well of emotions rising inside of me-well before I shaved one side of my head, began wearing only black and started writing poetry involving birds n' cock without really saying cock.
No, instead I ate doughnuts at the Donut Plant NYC (Chelsea).

Yup that's me and not Jeannine Garafalo!

The ambiance was real relaxing and conducive to doughnut eating enjoyment. It was perfect because there was Radiohead playing and Planet Earth being shown on the big screen. Nothing makes a punk like me weep into her chocolate doughnut like having "Creep" playing while seagulls are picking off baby sea turtles. WEEP!!!

The decor was even doughnut themed! Quite nice.

More importantly...the DOUGHNUTS!!
I had the jelly and the chocolate. Decided to keep it real simple!

...not really a jelly as much as it was a preserve and SO DELISH!!!! I shared with m'girl Jesse who in turn, shared her pistachio and strawberry doughnuts with me! So fresh and so clean (clean)!

Of course after eating doughnuts Jesse and I grew hungry! So we strolled- okay briskly walked because it grew effin' cold out and we both had on our Spring fineries- to Country Hill Kitchen (Flatiron District). We briefly stopped in Eataly but couldn't deal with the douchebags though the smell of olive oil was intoxicating!
...CHK was inviting and homey. Well lit, the better for to see all the biscuits. I knew I was going to have biscuits. So I did. I had Grandma El's buttermilk fried chicken, a spicey corn salad and biscuits. MMMMMM!

Jesse opted for the chicken sandwich and the cherry lemonade.

Altogether, great night of emotional eating. I highly recommend both during those emo times we all can have.


  1. Sounds exactly like my last week! You are not alone in your temporary emo eating lol.

  2. Ha thanks! We must stand + eat strong!!!;) Nice blog by the way!!:)