Friday, October 25, 2013

Good Things I Have Put In My Mouth Lately: Pizza Pizza! Drank, Drank!

Last night I had the amazing opportunity to attend my friend Jenny Ooooo's GRAND OPENING of her spot Park Luncheonette (Williamsburg, Brooklyn).  You know the food n' drinks had to be good for me to be excited about going to Williamsburg...when it has gotten unseasonably cold in New York City...well I guess it IS the season, but it's  freakin' COLD!
Anyways, Jenny is an inspiration to me and is one of the few people I would go to Willy B for- also I think her tremendous energy added to me NOT getting lost in Willy B! YAY!!  Also, I have to thank m'girl Nicole for joining me AND for giving the best directions ever.  A person is of excellent quality when they can give you simple directions without being condescending- I don't have this quality because I am an asshole, but Nicole definitely does!

Pictured above is the pizza menu- the menu is going to expand, but this is what is being served now.  We know I don't plays around when it comes to my eats, and these pizza's were just SO good.  Flavorful, simple and using local ingredients- it's the CIRRRCLLLE OF LIIIIIFE!  Everything is reasonably priced and the atmosphere is cool n' inviting.
I mean it was just PERFECT pizza- good cheese ratio, garlic-y, olive oil, thick pepperoni...I could go on and on-OH, I hate broccoli rabe, and it happens to be on the Moxie! pizza...I ate that pizza with zombie growls n' er'thang!  IT WAS SO GOOD!  That is big!

There is also a lovely bar- I mean the scene is REAL cute...without being a scene.  You don't need to TRY to be cool when you are...and your food is DELISH and your drinks are SO SERIOUS.  I had 2 cocktails- one was the Applejack I believe...that shit was LEGIT.  I then had the Fig U- I mean the name alone.  That drink was refreshing, not too sweet and it made me wanna eat MORE pizza.  #Winning
Since Park Luncheonette serves coffee and stays open to 4AM (kitchen closes at 1AM), you have all your needs COVERED.  Get drunk n' crunk, then sober up before you have to deal with the hipster zombies on Driggs Ave. or escaping McCarren Park.

This is just me being my usual seriously sexy...and classy!  You know, how I do on the regs.
Go to Park Luncheonette for a nice night out pre-game, low key sexy date night or you are apprehensive about Willy B but like good food n' drinks.  You probably won't come off as sexy as me, but you'll try and have fun doing it!

Photos courtesy of m'girl Nicole!

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