Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Let It Shine!

Yesterday my homie Nicole posted this on the blog she contributes to called Power Animals.  It is a wondrous tale about the sweatshirt we both purchased for...different reasons.
I bought my 'Haters' sweatshirt as a way to let the streets know where my heads at.  Not that I won't have a kind word to say, just that I won't be quick to say it because quite frankly...there are a lot of assholes/dicks/selfish twats/etc. out there.  Plus, life is just chock-full of lame situations.  Doesn't mean you are leaning towards depression, you just aren't easily amused by the BS.

In any case I just thought I'd post a pic of me wearing the shirt doing how I do.
Also, file this under: if you find something you're excellent at- i.e. me with HATING- then let the world know and let your gifts shine through!

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