Friday, October 11, 2013

You Don't Know My Life: ANNNND We're Back!

Ah, the Fall.  A time for crisper temps, changing leaves and when MY SHOWS come back.  A time when I plan my social activities around The Walking Dead and Scandal.  When I pride myself on early dining experiences and literally drinking for an entire hour (only) of a Happy Hour.  I do not play games.

I can also change the game if I want to.  I now watch Brooklyn 99 AND The New Girl- a show I said I could NEVER watch before.  The only reason I am now is because they come on before The Mindy Project.  I call this my 'one and a half hour chuckle time'.  Sometimes there are hearty laughs, but mostly I am smirking and congratulating myself on not watching episodes of Chopped I have seen a zillion times before.
So there's that and Parks and Rec- I may get involved with Community, but NBC Thursday nights are lame.  Lame and WHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITE.
I may check out that Dracula show (to see how bad it is) with Jonathan Rhys Meyers...did that come out yet?

Mainly though, I am concerned with Scandal! OMG!  That show never disappoints.  I am loving the flashbacks, the non-emo Fitz who is ABOUT that life, and Huck.  It always comes back to Huck.  The character who will now live in my head and keep me motivated n' intense is Liv's dad!  He is...just the scariest most intense dude around!  NOW you totally get how Olivia Pope became Olivia Pope because that dude would make ANYONE excel at ANYTHING.  He'd even motivate a Kardassian into a talent.  Joe Morton, an actor who has been around for so long and is just so amazing.  *sigh*  HE SCARES ME! AHHHH...okay, so far this season we are getting a lot of background and seeing a stronger bond between Fitz n' 'Liv.  It's not just tears and backs being thrown up against walls, we see how they work...and why...even if it is all so very fucked up.  Also, Fitz MANNING THE FUCK UP is very attractive!
I have no predictions as of yet, but I do think there might be a BRO-DOWN between Fitz and Noel (aka Jake)...Fitz might have to handle that dude.

AHHHH this Sunday is the season premiere of The Walking Dead!!!!  I am beside myself with excitement, plus m'girl Maria is making zombie cupcakes!!!

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