Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Bone List: V Day Bang Out(s)!

Awww can't have the week leading up to commerical love with no penetration!  Mmmmmm.  So here is my special deluxe Bone List- deluxe because I have added one more person instead of the usual three ballsacs I'd like to bounce on.

Let's start with Justin Timberlake....

I've watched him grow up and have found something bone-able about him at every stage- well except for the all denim er'thing stage that included a denim cowboy hat.  No bueno.
Through all the questionable hair and outfits my love has gone on (cue that obnoxious Celine Dion song).  It has gone from wanting to wear matching outfits- when he was doing the windpant and sneakers look...with the diamond JT chain...yeah that look.  The love has endured.  It hasn't grown into a nonsexual friendship either, I would TOTALLY sit on JT's face (have you seen that nose, mmmmmmmmmm).
Though I am sure there would be mirrors involved- as in on the ceiling or something- while we boned.  JT would have to look at himself, but I think he would be a satisfying lovah.
I would do him on a bed of rose petals using teddy bears as pillows...there would be a disco ball too.  It would all end in a dance off!...a naked one.

Next up is Jesse Williams...

Sometimes Jesse is a lil too 'pretty boy' for me, but I cannot deny the urges of my loins!  It is also too bad I do not watch Greys Anatomy.  I truly don't know where I've seen him and was like 'lemme hop on your magic stick' but I just know that I would indeed like to HOP ON IT!  When I read up on him I found out he was a teacher who fell into acting.  Have a few HARD lessons I'd like him to teach me...we'd have intellectual conversations while he is diggin' out my back.  From following his Instagram I see that he is a 'foodie' as well...I have some artisnal things he can eat.
Our lovemaking would involve lots of chocolate and a waterbed.  Yes lawt!

Mmmm and now Joe Manginello ( I think that's how you spell it)....

This dude is wearing a deep v-neck and I WOULD STILL let him smack it up, flip it and RUB IT DOWN (OH NOOOOOO....YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS).  Joe is just a big, rugged dude!  He seems like the type to make me a philly cheesesteak sandwich with bread he has baked, he would have on his boxer briefs and request that I am wearing boyshorts and a cropped shirt.  We would eat the sandwich and then he would bang me out hardcore because he is into working out.  Then we'd eat again...and well the cycle would continue.  I don't care if he maybe might be a self centered jerk- I would put aside my notions AND my pannies!!
This dude is wearing a necklace.  A MUTHA FUCKING NECKLACE and I would still do him.  DO him HARD.

Last but not least...Laz Alonso...

Something about Laz's face...his demeanor...his smile, there is this subtle sexy.  A confident, lingering sex appeal that I just wanna wrap my legs around.  He seems artsy yet down-to-Earth.  We would get along because I am the same I'll go to an exhibit opening at a museum and then chill at Roll N' Roaster....mmm cheez fries.
Where was I?
Laz is just ...a man...a seemingly tender lover who would pull my hair if needed.  He would lay me out and put pieces of chocolate on me...letting them get warm, and then he'd slowly eat them off me, sipping wine in between.  Mmmmmmmm!

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