Monday, February 10, 2014

You Don't Know My Life: I CHOOSE TO LIVE!

The Walking Dead is back y'all and everything is FUCKED!  The crew is separated but at least the Governor is DEAD!....along with Hershel who didn't I realize how much I loved till the sword went across his throat.  He grew on me with his voice of reason and lil white ponytail.
We had to watch Hershel die like FIVE times though.  WTF?!
In any case, Rick and 'surly teenager Carl' are hobbling along.  Carl is being a lil shit because he can shoot good and is angry at his dad because he thinks it's his fault that things went shitty at the prison.  He thinks Rick got SOFT.  Rick was too hurt up to kick Carl in the nuts and tell to shut.the.eff.up!- or just be understanding Rick (that he is) and know that hormones are to blame.  Hormones and grief.
I think in the world they live in there is no stability and shit happens.  I mean there are DEAD PEOPLE WALKING AROUND EATING PEOPLE...also people in general are shit as the Governor and his followers show.  It's just a dog eat dog world.  Literally.
After wishing his father DEAD (at the time Rick was unconscious and really close to death on a couch), Carl soon realizes that he truly doesn't want to be alone and couldn't make it without his dad.  Aww.  When he thought his dad was dead but couldn't shoot him... and was like: just eat me...
Some fine acting by Chandler Riggs aka 'sometimes imma bitch Carl'.
I have a love/hate thing with Carl, but when I see him eating pudding like a KID, I remember, look what he has had to grow up in.  Then I respect him when he gets excited about the Xbox, but knew to use the cable wire to lock the front door.
While Carl is throwing tantrums and eating pudding, Michonne is GOING THROUGH IT!  She goes back to give Hershel a 'final death' and then procures two new 'pets'.  We see her go back to old shut down Michonne and make a choice to dwell among the dead...and possibly die herself.
She even has this dream that reveals some of her life pre-apocalypse life. Like woah.  Michonne had a kid and a dope ass apartment...and a dope ass life.  She had a LOVAH (not a boyfriend or a hubby).  Would've totally hung with her, if only for her fresh veggies and dip.
After seeing a 'bizarro Michonne' she decides she wants TO LIVE.  She follows what I realized were Rick n' Carl's eventually finding Rick and Carl.  We aren't blessed with a reunion scene (yet) but it all made me feel a certain way.

This episode had me all in my feelings...I went from being terrified when Carl lost his shoe- to exhilaration when Michonne chose TO LIVE!  I think most  self aware peeps can relate to that moment when you can shut down emotionally thinking it easier not care or you can keep yourself open and process each emotion with poise and sometimes a lack thereof.  Shit happens (especially in an apocalypse) and you have to deal and move on.  You have to choose to live so that you can have the best life possible under any circumstances.  #SacUp

Now begins the countdown to when Rick is healed enough to put a hurtin' on Michonnes lady bits!  If anyone deserves a good bang out, it's those two!

Whew.  Thank hay-sus The Walking Dead is BACK...though only for EIGHT eps.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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