Friday, February 21, 2014

You Don't Know My Life: When A Baby Cries In Da Woods

AHHHHHH The Walking Dead is just so good.  We are really seeing character development with everyone separated because of The Governors attempt at taking the prison.
Basically everyone is circling around each other...because how far can one really go on foot?  We start with Daryl and Beth.  A seething Daryl and ever hopeful Beth.  Daryl is seething because he had to leave his poncho (at the prison) and he is stuck with Beth- actually the fact that he is stuck with ANYONE is pissing him off.  He is a lone wolf.  Peeps are hoping they have sex...but Beth is like 12 and Daryl ain't about that sex life.  He's seen what happened with Shane and Laurie- babies can't happen when you're surviving.
While he's figuring on how to ditch her in the woods, she's having a narrative from one of her diary entries...which she then burns because hope is all lost when she stumbles upon zombies eating people.  #ShitHappens

Speaking of leaving white women in the woods- Tyrese is stuck with baby Judith (who I am happy is still alive) and Activia's (Carol) pseudo daughters.  Had this been Georgia pre-apocalypse and he was watching his friends daughters...a big burly black guy with 3 little white girls...he would've been hung from the tallest trees or shot for whatever random reason.  Luckily it is the apocalypse so Tyrese will be aight...except when the baby cries and gets them all killed.  Being a ruthless bitch, I woulda left them kids in the woods....too much stress.  Thankfully Tyrese is a better dude and makes it happen AND THEN Activia pops up and saves the day!  Unfortunately, Lizzy, one of her pseudo daughters is a fuckin' PSYCHOPATH so they'll have to deal with that eventually.  I think its gonna come out that she was feeding the walkers at the gate because she thought one of them was cute.

A big surprise was finding that Glenn WAS STILL AT THE PRISON!  I guess he went back for Maggie (aww).  Have to say that Glenn is doing for Asian men, what JLo did for the ass- making that ish acceptable!  Not that Asian men aren't acceptable it's just that they aren't seen as sex symbols or even as MEN.  You know manly men!  Unless they do some type of kung fu...or have a tattoo.  Anyways, Glenn is a romantic hero.  He put on his riot gear and fought through zombies because he HAS to get to his Maggie.  Awwwww.....
He scooped up lil lesbian (and possibly Daryl's poncho) who was from The Governors band of dumbfucks and was like: take this gun and help me find my dumb bitch!
Only thing is....Glenn is still recovering from the flu or some shit and passes out.  Where are the Asian herbal remedies when you need 'em??!!

Now we have some new characters to contend with along with Michonne wearing a new outfit and I hope she and Rick took a bath together or something.  I dunno.

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