Friday, February 28, 2014

The Place Where I Work: Vamp Art

We all know I am a pervert with a heart of gold and a sense of humor-basically,  I am a funny bitch, y'all know this.
I am also unobservant (SOMETIMES)- was so caught up in this one dude in the office I totally missed a treasure I now call The Vampire.
The name is fitting because he is mad mysterious...and has the ability to hypnotize you with his stare.  His stare has also been known to remove my clothing.  ONLY my clothing though.
The Vampire is my friend's boss...I'll call  her The MexiCan- will put 'the's' in front of their names so it shows they are linked.
Anyways, before The Vamp and I started eye fucking each other he was a loner.  Rarely spoke, smiled or was seen around the office.  Post my glow and effervescent  flava- he is now seen all over the office smiling, saying 'hi'- yet still maintaining his mystery.
When The MexiCAN inquired as to why this was happening, I mentioned that I was boning her boss (not the truth as he is a married man, but a girl can dream because he IS sexy).  Since I am a visual person and I like teasing my friends (making me a treasure and a pest), I decided to draw what The Vamp and I do on the regs...I basically started a post-it series about our sexual romps.
Here is the first...

Pretty basic stuff.  These all came to me in a daydream I had about him inviting me into his office one early morning...sigh...where am I?
So now The MexiCAN has to go into her boss's office with these visuals in her head...-good times.  The funniest is when I had to go into his office to talk to him about something.  Had to maintain a straight face and not look at his crotch.  To deal with my emotions I drew the second post-it in my series...

Yep.  I felt much better after...though the last position left people confused.  I mention how he is a vampire and can levitate and swing me around whilst thrusting DEEP inside me.
The most recent post-it depicts things we've done (or what I'd like to do) with milkshakes.  You see, our office had this Olympics event that involved Shake Shack milkshakes.  The milkshakes caused us to be social, so of course The Vampire made his way over to me and told me HOW GOOD his CHOCOLATE milkshake was.  I am NOT making that up.  We then discuss the 'concretes' Shake Shack makes and he says those are good n' thick.
I believe I blushed and gulped my milkshake.
In any case I felt compelled to let my angst and sexual frustration out with another addition to my series...

Again, my antics are to tease The MexiCAN and to entertain myself at work- though I am always thoroughly entertained as you know because I always work with some characters.
...and though The Vampire and I will never be, at least I have caused him to come out of his shell a little (unfortunately not with my vagina) and I can use my imagination which is always better than the real deal.

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