Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Little Things

It’s not like this week has been totally trivial, but so many little things have nipped at me like a summertime bug that I feel worn the eff out.
Not really, but mostly tired and uninspired writing wise.
Also, I’ve spent all of April Fool’s Day and have come up with NO JOKES! I live for this day because as most know: I got jokes…for days.

…this week was just about me getting through each day without bodily harming anyone. It’s not like I’m a violent person or even that I have a short temper, it’s just I have a low tolerance for BS and enjoy clothes lining jerks who don’t stay in their lane. Mostly I think it’s just that people see me and think: demure, tender kitten wouldn’t hurt a fly, etc.
Then they try me and learn that is not the case. Am not a gangsta bitch, but I will cut a bitch. Mostly, I get at the asshats verbally-which usually keeps them in their lane.
When I am not passed out on the train-kinda like I’m coming down from some sort of narcotic high. Recently, I woke myself up by singing along to the song playing on my iPod. Christina Aguilera’s ‘Dirrrty’. Didn’t open my eyes for fear of embarrassment.
If I manage to stay awake (because early, early mornings are unnatural to me) while riding the train, I tend to feel like kicking most people. This is no surprise though because I live in New York.
My verbal abuse is a surprise to those who choose to be puppeteers of sheer dicketry… like this dude this morning. After sliding his large ass down my arm and squeezing in between me and this other dude knowing he didn’t fit and therefore waking me from my train catnap, I say: What the fuck? You cannot fit and next time keep your ass off my arm!!
He was not amused and may have been embarrassed, but hey, no one told him to take that chance.

My verbal assault doesn’t help with attaining an office boo either.
Again, I cannot help that people say/do assholey things and I must be explicit about how that doesn’t work well with me. Especially when I have to get up at 4:30AM. I’d like to think of myself as a curvy, less animated Daria.

I’m thinking a lil fun in the sun. A long weekend. Eating and perhaps drinking a lot won’t make Honey T such a dull girl.

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