Monday, April 26, 2010

Brett and Buffy

You know it’s a time when you find yourself clicking your TMZ app just to keep up with Brett Michaels condition. For serious though, put aside the hair extensions and his love of whores…who would’ve thunk I would find myself thinking the dude is okay (again, I mean Poison RULES) after catching a couple episodes of Celebrity Apprentice.
The fact that I revealed I’ve watched Celebrity Apprentice just goes to show how much I care.
Pull through, Brett!
…in fact I’ve dedicated all my interviews to Brett- well my strength to..uh job hunt... in this time of in between. It seems the time of looking for a job so that I don’t have to look for a job is upon me (again). Going to go the clichéd route and say how interviewing is a lot like dating. All smoke n’ mirrors till you’re in it 6 months and realize you hate the person…or you like their brother better.
That was NOT a true story.
Interviews don’t make me nervous, I think I make a good first impression…but I fear rejection-which has been the pitfall of my life. I can take rejection though…which is what makes me that special medley of insane that is special (in a lovely way).

When I am not checking in on Brett, perfecting a ricotta fresh oregano pizza (with shallots, pepperoni and is thin crust), and job hunting, I am watching the final season of Buffy. Finally, I have procured the FINAL SEASON! It was like a sign (or a sale); Best Buy had it for 19bucks!!!!
A little cheddah and my life is complete. I know how it all ends, and like Buffy I slowly smirked (at the end) and was like, ‘That’ll do, Scooby Gang. That’ll do.”
*sigh* Then I go back to finding a way to make money that doesn’t involve lucite heels and pasties.
I also think about how I am a lot like Buffy. Fighting evil. Standing alone. Like boning vamps. That is a whole other blog though.

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