Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yes She Is And I Hope She Burns In HELL!

Listen, Sandra Bullock is a racist. This would explain why I never allowed myself to like her or be okay with her nose. To me she was trying too hard with the whole ‘America’s sweetheart’ thing. Trying to seem down-to-Earth. Trying to be dorky-cute…this is something that Tina Fey OWNS because that is who she is, she isn’t trying.
As you can see I am not an advocate of trying to be anything-like liked, or cool…or a sweetheart when you’re really a racist beatch!
This is why she was SO GOOD in that role she had in Crash. She pulled from her true self and wasted no energy on ‘trying to be’.
Her being racist also explains why Matthew ‘Dirty Naked Bongos’ McCounaghey (sp…actually I don’t care) didn’t wanna make babies with that ass. You see, Dirty Bongo’s is all about a pleasant coexistence. Plus, he likes boning women. All kinds of women. So Sandy going to skinhead rallies wasn’t gonna cut it.
That’s when she found her SOUL MATE Jesse James. I don’t judge books by their cover (out loud) but I could tell that dude would buy left over Hitler semen found in young blonde babies off EBay.
He just has that look.
So when peeps try to say that ole Sandy HAD NO IDEA that he collected Nazi memorabilia and is pretty much a racist, I know that to be LIES because Sandra Bullock is a racist.
When their sex tape comes out, it is going to be fetish porn. Sandy will have on a Hitler ‘stache and JJ will be fisting her third Reich style...on sheets made from the skin of all the minorities (and Jews) they've collected and killed.

Mark my words!

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